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January 2022 wallpapers for phone ipad and macbook desktop laptop 1

January 2022 Wallpapers

Get yourself in the mood for a new year with these amazing January 2022 wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. These warm and cozy backgrounds suit every mood since they offer softness and loveliness to your workspace. There are 96 wallpapers in total. Here you can download wal[...]

December wallpapers 2021 desktop laptop ipad phone

120 December 2021 Wallpapers

You can download my December 2021 wallpaper collection, which includes desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone wallpapers. Whether a winter warmth, a misty floral background, a landscape, a beige air, a vintage look, or something darker, these wallpapers fit every mood. There are 120 wallpapers in tota[...]

November wallpaper 2021

120 November 2021 Wallpapers

Here is my November wallpaper collection. I have compiled it for desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone use. I took some time to create these beautiful wallpapers for the November 2021 calendar.  There is wallpaper for every mood, whether you prefer a floral background, a landscape, beige air, a[...]

Daily study schedule printable template

Daily study schedule

I have created my first study schedule template that is perfect for school or college days or online classes. This template can be printed or used on digital note-taking apps.  In my study template for the day, I break it up into three parts: approx 5 hours of study time, three hours of break ti[...]

Aesthetic text dividers and borders collection reverelia

Aesthetic text dividers and borders collection

Here are a collection of elegant and aesthetic text dividers and borders you can use anywhere you want. You can use these text dividers or borders for any purpose like, in your Instagram bios, Facebook page status, Tweet, Blog Post titles, Call to Action Slides, Invitations, quotes, paragraphs, ideas[...]

Free 30 Calendar Laptop desktop phone Wallpaper October 2021

118 October 2021 Wallpapers

I'm happy to share my October wallpaper collection with you. This collection includes desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone wallpapers, as well as Quote wallpapers, and one organizer (laptop and desktop). I put a little time into each of these beautiful wallpapers to make this October 2021 calendar incr[...]

desktop laptop wallpaper aesthetic calendar 2021 july

120 July 2021 Wallpapers

I am happy to introduce my first set of monthly wallpapers. I've created 30 calendar wallpapers for every day of July 2021 for all types of displays and formats, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. In all wallpapers, you'll find a dark, warm aesthetic combined with natural beaut[...]